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Contents Restoration

Steps to ensure a quality restoration:


Pack Out

  • It is I.R.S. policy that certain personal items are not moved by our staff. We ask that you make arrangements for the handling of these items.
  • Hand Guns
  • Jewelry, cash, liquor, & coins. If we come across these things during a pack out we will let you know. If you are not on the premises we will put them aside and you will be notified as to where they were left on site.
  • Please remember to set aside any important documents and cards that you may need while you will be out of your home.
  • Cable and satellite companies prefer for their items to be handled by them directly. It is your responsibility to notify them that you have a loss and their equipment may need to be serviced or removed from your property.
  • Food, perishables, and alcohol
  • Clothing, draperies, and textiles
  • Artwork restoration
  • Plumbing & water disconnection or connection



  • All contents will be created for the duration of the job
  • A comprehensive estimate will be generated and provided to your insurance carrier for approval of the work.
  • A copy will be made for you if you notify us.
  • After approval from your insurance company and you, your contents will be put through our restoration process.
  • Please communicate with us when your house is nearing completion. We want to get your approximate return date on the schedule as soon as possible.
  • We ask that all structure work be completed at the pack back. All contents will be returned clean and if there is ongoing structure work we can't guarantee that your contents will remain clean.


Pack Back

  • When your property is near completion, please give us a 3-week notice prior to your move-in date. We will then schedule a day for the pack back.
  • We will reset the contents to their original location. If you should choose to unpack your own contents our company can't be held accountable for any breakage in the boxes we don't unpack.
  • We ask that you sign a satisfaction of completion when the work is done.

Total Loss Items

These contents can't be restored. These are items that did not respond to our cleaning efforts or took on too much damage from the loss. Total loss is established during the pack out as well as during the restoration process. It is your responsibility to speak with your adjuster about any items deemed a total loss. If we have contents that did not respond to our cleaning efforts these items will be listed for you. You will need to get this information to your adjuster. We will not dispose of any items without prior approval